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GM Alexei Shirov at Scarborough Chess Club

World Top 20 Grandmaster Alexei Shirov (Spain) gave a simultaneous exhibition at the Scarborough Chess Club in Toronto, Ontario, as part of the club's 50th anniversary celebrations. Gordon Ritchie arranged Shirov's trip to Canada, and Maurice Smith organized the exhibition.

Shirov was gracious throughout, signing his books for fans and scoresheets for the players. Immaculately dressed in suit and tie, he even offered to continue the debate at his hotel afterwards, inviting players to go over their games with him there.

Final score: Shirov +17 -2 =6. Losses were to Zaidun Alganabi and John Hall. Draws were with Alex Rapoport, William Rutherdale, Rune Pederson, Erwin Casareno, Pepin Manalo, and Arkadiy Ugodnikov.

Shirov at Scarborough CC 1

Shirov at Scarborough CC 2

Shirov at Scarborough CC 3

Shirov at Scarborough CC 4

Shirov at Scarborough CC 5

Shirov at Scarborough CC 6


Photos: Alexei Shirov simultaneous exhibition on 25 boards, Scarborough Chess Club, Toronto, Ontario, 2010.2.18. Copyright 2010 by the photographer David Cohen.

Thanks to Maurice Smith, Bob Armstrong, and all of the members of the Scarborough Chess Club.