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Bill Harrington Memorial at the Annex Chess Club

Bill Harrington was a long-time friend of my father. They shared the hobby of stamp collecting. Bill died recently at a relatively young age. When I first met him many years ago, he mentioned that he played chess. In 2010, I was researching some old tournament cross-tables from the Chess Federation of Canada, when I was startled to see his name. Bill scored 4.5/10 in the 1967 Ottawa High School Championship. As far as I could tell, this was his only venture into competitive play.

I often create chess tournaments which pair up adults with kids. The kids get to learn by playing the games and analyzing them with their more experienced opponents afterwards. The adults get the challenge from fending off the younger generation for another day.

At the Annex Chess Club in Toronto, I created a six player Round Robin. The adults were FM Brett Campbell, Daniel Abrahams and Hugh Siddeley. The juniors were Joseph Bellissimo (2008 Canadian Under 8 Champion); Qiyu Zhou (6th place, 2010 World Girls Under 10 Championship; 2nd place, 2008 World Girls Under 8 Championship); and Daniel Zotkin (1st place, 2010 Canadian Under 10 Championship; 1st place, 2009 Canadian Under 8 Championship).

Brett Campbell Joseph Bellissimo Daniel Zotkin

Photo (Campbell): At Zoltan Sarosy 100th birthday party, Toronto. Copyright 2006 by the photographer David Cohen.
Photo (Bellissimo): copyright 2008 by Joseph Bellissimo.
Photo (Zotkin): 2009 Labour Day, Toronto, copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

Co-winners were Brett Campbell (+3 =2) and Daniel Abrahams (+4 -1). Brett caught Daniel by beating him in their last round showdown. Hugh Siddeley (+2 =2 -1) was third. The juniors trailed: Joseph Bellissimo (+1 =2 -2) nicked Siddeley for a draw; Qiyu Zhou (+1 -4); and Daniel Zotkin (=2 -3) who got a draw off our FIDE Master!