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Valerian Adam

Mario Adriano

Lali Agbabishvili

Rodulfo Alipayo

Denis Allan

Denis Allan

Photo: 2004 Todd Southam Memorial, Bayview Games Club, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer David Cohen.

Here is Denis Allan's choice for two of his best games:

Denis Allan - Van Der Weide
Challengers, Hastings, England, 1968-9

Denis Allan - Kevin Spraggett
Labour Day Open, Toronto, Ontario, 1983

Bruce Amos

Bruce Amos

Photo: Chess Canada 1970.04.

Here is Bruce Amos' choice for two of his most memorable games:

Bruce Amos - Walter Browne
Canadian Open Championship, Toronto, Ontario, Round 8, 1976.08

Bruce Amos - Victor Korchnoi
Toronto International, Toronto, Ontario, Round 2, 1985.07.28

Frank Anderson


Frank Anderson

Photo: 1951 Ontario Championship.

Frank Anderson - Raymond Doe
Canadian Championship, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Round 4, 1953

Sources: Family of Frank Anderson (photo); FIDE Report by John Prentice; Canadian Chess Chat, 1959.08-12, p.59; article by David J. Ross, Canadian Chess Chat, 1981.01-02; The Life and Games of Frank Ross Anderson by John Donaldson, 2009.

Contributors: John Donaldson, Ross Siemms.

Research notes: 1) Anderson's achievement at the 1958 Olympiad for best percentage, Board 2, did not receive FIDE's award, which was given only for the best point total. 2) Anderson claimed that he would have qualified for the International Grandmaster title if illness (an attack of influenza) had not prevented him from playing in the last round of the 1958 Olympiad; the result of the game did not even matter. However, a recent examination based on the rules then in effect does not support this claim. Much later, FIDE changed its rules to prevent this situation.

Charles Anstey


Penka (Apostolova) Apostolov

Jacob G. Ascher


Jacob Ascher

Portrait: New Dominion Monthly 1879.01, p.89; Toronto Reference Library.

William Atkinson


Janak Awatramani

Janak Awatramani

Photo: copyright 2008 by Janak Awatramani.

Contributor (photo, biography): family of Janak Awatramani.
Source: BCCF Bulletin 178.