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Arthur Calugar

Arthur Calugar

Photo: Hart House, Toronto, 2008. Copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen.

Brett Campbell

Brett Campbell

Photo: At Zoltan Sarosy 100th birthday party, Toronto. Copyright 2006 by the photographer David Cohen.

Murray Campbell

Here is Deep Blue's first win over World Champion Garry Kasparov, the first time that a computer beat a reigning World Champion:

Deep Blue - Garry Kasparov
ACM Chess Challenge, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Round 1, 1996.02.10

Here is Deep Blue's win over World Champion Garry Kasparov, in a game which Deep Blue team member GM Joel Benjamin, referring to the move 37. Be4, claimed (in the 2003 film Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine) was the first game in which a computer showed that it could play Grandmaster level chess:

Deep Blue - Garry Kasparov
IBM Man-Machine, New York, NY, USA, Round 2, 1997.05.04

Here is the final game of the match, which won the match for the computer, the first time that a computer beat a reigning World Champion:

Deep Blue - Garry Kasparov
IBM Man-Machine, New York, NY, USA, Round 6, 1997.05.10

Jason Cao

Jason Cao

Richard Anthony Cayford

Marie-Thérèse Chaput

Pascal Charbonneau

Pascal Charbonneau

Photo: 2004 Canadian Championship, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer David Cohen.

Here is the game that won Pascal Charbonneau the 2002 Canadian Championship:

Pascal Charbonneau - Kevin Spraggett
Canadian Championship playoff, Richmond, British Columbia, Round 2, 2002.04.01

Here is Pascal Charbonneau's win over former World Champion Anand:

Pascal Charbonneau - Viswanathan Anand
Olympiad, Board 1, Canada - India, Turin, Italy, Round 12, 2006.06.03

Johanne Charest

Alexandre de Chaumont

Source: Article on the history of chess in Canada by Leopold Christin in Championnat Canadien des Échecs 1947, 1947.

Bindi Cheng

Bindi Cheng

Photo: 2009 Toronto Open Championship. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

Won a best game prize:

Maxim Dudkin - Bindi Cheng
47th Canadian Open Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 2010.07.15, Round 6

1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 d5 3. Bg2 c6 4. d4 Bf5 5. O-O h6 6. c4 e6 7. Qb3 Qb6 8. Qxb6 axb6 9. cxd5 exd5 10. Bf4 Nbd7 11. Nc3 b5 12. a3 g5 13. Bc7 Be7 14. h3 O-O 15. g4 Bh7 16. Ne5 Rfc8 17. Nxd7 Nxd7 18. Bg3 Nb6 19. e4 dxe4 20. Bxe4 Bxe4 21. Nxe4 Nc4 22. Rab1 Rd8 23. Rfd1 Kg7 24. f3 Rd7 25. Nc5 Rxd4 26. Nxb7 Bf6 27. b3 Nd2 28. Bf2 Rd5 29. Rbc1 Rxa3 30. Kg2 Nxb3 31. Rxd5 Nxc1 32. Rd7 Rd3 33. Nd6 Kg8 34. Ne4 Be5 35. Re7 Rd5 36. Bc5 Nd3 37. Re8+ Kh7 38. Be7 Bg7 39. Nf6+ Bxf6 40. Bxf6 b4 41. Ba1 f6 42. Bxf6 b3 43. Re7+ Kg8 44. Rb7 Rb5 45. Rg7+ Kf8 46. Rc7 b2 0-1

John Cherriman


John Cherriman

Photo: The University of Toronto - A History by Martin L. Friedland, University of Toronto Press, 2002, p.48, from University of Toronto Archives A73-0003/001 (21).

Sources: Chess Player’s Chronicle 1884.03.12 p.321-2; Hamilton Spectator 1872.09.25; University of Toronto Archives; plaque on University of Toronto main campus marking the site of the Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory (1840-1908); Suzanne Zeller, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1901-1910 (Volume XIII), University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2000.

Stefanie Chu

Here is Stefanie Chu's choice for her best game:

Alfred Veltmann - Stefanie Chu
International Open, North Bay, Ontario, 1996

John F. Cleeve


John Cleeve

Photo: En Passant 100, 1990.02. Copyright 1990 by the photographer Jonathan Berry. Thanks to Jonathan Berry.

Here is John Cleeve's selection of his best game, which won the best game prize:

A.B. Middlemass - John Cleeve
English Counties Correspondence Championship 1954-1955

Here are three more of John Cleeve's best games:

John Cleeve - K. Tandai
Correspondence PATT II

R.W. Baumgartner - John Cleeve
Correspondence, PATT II

Raimo Lindroos - John Cleeve
Correspondence, Finland - Canada match

Sources: John Cleeve interview with Jonathan Berry, En Passant #100, 1990.02 (game selection); CHECK! 514, 1995.04, edited by J. Ken MacDonald (game selection); The History of Correspondence Chess in Canada by Leonard Zehr, J. Ken MacDonald, 2006.

Contributors: Jonathan Berry (photo), Ralph Marconi.

David Cohen

David Cohen

Photo: Photograph by Carlos Esteves. Copyright 2011 by David Cohen.

Joseph Cooke


Jocelyn Coté

Camille Coudari

Camille Coudari

Photo: Chess Canada 1970.05.

David Creemer


David Creemer

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Contributor: Stephen Wright. Source (photo): Family of Frank Anderson.

Ioan Crisan

Charles Crompton


David Cummings

David Cummings

Photo: 2009 Toronto Open Championship. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.