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Joseph Ferencz


Gerald Fielding

W.E. Frank Fillery


Ian Findlay

Ian Findlay

Photo: 2002 Dutton Chess Club, Toronto. Copyright 2002 by the photographer David Cohen.

Here is Ian Findlay's choice for one of his most memorable games, his first win over IM Day:

Lawrence Day - Ian Findlay
Toronto, Ontario, 1983

J. Fitzgerald

Richard P. Fleming

(Richard F. Flemming)

Contributor: Alan McGowan
Source: The Story of the Dundee Chess Club by Peter Walsh, 1984

Edward Fletcher


Source: Gilles Langelier, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1891-1900 Volume XII, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2000

Maurice Fox


Maurice Fox

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Defeated future World Champions Jose Capablanca and Robert Fischer, and drew future World Champion Alexander Alekhine:

Jose Capablanca - Maurice Fox
Simultaneous Exhibition, London, England, 1919.09.18

Alexander Alekhine - Maurice Fox
Toronto, Ontario, 1924

Robert Fischer - Maurice Fox
Canadian Open, Montreal, Quebec, Round 4, 1956

Contributors: family of Frank Anderson, John Donaldson (photo); Hugh Brodie.

Bernard Freedman


Bernard Freedman

Photo: Year Book 1946-47: Chess Federation of Canada.

Nigel Fullbrook

Nigel Fullbrook

Photo: Chess Canada 1974.06.

Henry Funk

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Jacob Funk

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Geza Fuster


Geza Fuster

Photo: Chess Canada 1970.04.