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George Jackson

Martin Jaeger

Martin Jaeger

Photo: 2007 Chess Federation of Canada Annual Meeting, Ottawa. Copyright 2007 by the photographer David Cohen.

Carlos Jauregui

Francis Jemmett


Glenn Johnstone

Peter Edmund Jones (Kahkewaquonaby)


Source: Donald B. Smith, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1901-1910 Volume XIII, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2000

Lionel Joyner


Hans Jung

Hans Jung

Photo: 2009 Toronto Open Championship. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

Hans Jung - Andrew Dabrowski
Blindfold Simultaneous Exhibition on 8 boards by Jung, Mississauga, Ontario, 2001.05.03

Hans Jung's choice for his favourite game of his own:

Jay Zendrowski - Hans Jung
City Championship, London, Ontario, 1977, Round 6

Hans Jung selected two additional games, a win in 'his opening' against IM Nickoloff and an 'exciting win' against IM Day:

Hans Jung - Bryon Nickoloff
Ontario Open Championship, Guelph, Ontario, 1990.05.21

Hans Jung - Lawrence Day
Ontario Closed Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 1996.01.26, Round 7

Contributor: Hans Jung (game selection, biography).

Miervaldis (Walter) Jursevskis

Miervaldis Jursevskis

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Contributor: Stephen Wright. Source (photo): Family of Frank Anderson.