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Dianna Palamarek

Raja Panjwani

Claude Paré

Roman Pelts

Roman Pelts

Photo: Copyright 2004 Roman Pelts.

Roman Pelts is a chess teacher. Seven of his students became grandmasters: Lev Alburt, Sam Palatnik, Vladimir Tukmakov, Valery Beim, Konstantin Lerner, Leonid Yurtaev and Boris Kantsler. Pelts is the founder of Chess Academy of Canada.

Here is Roman Pelts' most important game:

Roman Pelts - William Lombardy
World Student Team Championship, USSR - USA, Board 1, Krakow, Poland, 1964

Source: PolBase by Adam Umiastowski.

Contributors: Roman Pelts (photo, game selection), Adam Umiastowski (game).

Research note: Many of Pelts' older games are in databases which have incorrect translations of his last name (wrong accent): 'Pelc' and 'Pelch'.

Jackie Peng

Jackie Peng

Contributor (photo): Jackie Peng.

Jonathan Penrose

Here is Jonathan Penrose's win against the reigning World Champion:

Jonathan Penrose - Mikhail Tal
Olympiad, Leipzig, 1960

Lionel Penrose


Andrew Peredun

Andrew Peredun

Photo: 2003 Chess'n Math Association Futurity IV, Toronto, copyright 2003 by the photographer Erik Malmsten.

William Perry

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Emil Phaneuf

Thomas Phillipps


Charles Phillips

Leon Piasetski

Leon Piasetski

Photo: copyright 2009 Leon Piasetski.

Contributor (photo): Leon Piasetski.

David Pik

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Denis Pineault

Thomas Piper


Contributor: Stephen Wright

Victor Plotkin

Charles Podlone


Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

William H.K. Pollock


William Pollock

Photo: British Chess Magazine, 1896, p. 441; Toronto Reference Library.

Here are three of William Pollock's games, against former World Champion Steinitz, and two World Championship challengers:

Wilhelm Steinitz - William H. K. Pollock
Hastings, Round 6, 1895.08.12

William H.K. Pollock - Siegbert Tarrasch
Hastings, Round 13, 1895.08.21

Isidor Gunsberg - William H.K. Pollock
Hastings, Round 14, 1895.08.23

Source: Pollock Memories by Mrs. Frideswide F. Rowland, 1899.

Edwin Pope


Edward Porper

Edward Porper

Photo: 32nd Guernsey Chess Festival, 2006. Copyright 2006 by Edward Porper.

Porper won a beauty prize for the following game:

Edward Porper - Gavin Lock
32nd Guernsey Chess Festival, Grand Harve Bay GCI, 2006.10.21, Round 7

Sources: Edward Porper (bio); website of the 2007 Arctic Chess tournament, Tromse, Norway (photo).

John Prentice


John Prentice

Photo: 1971 Canadian Open Championship, Vancouver. Chess Canada 1971.09.

John G. Prentice - Elod Macskasy
City Chess Club Open, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1961

Sources: Canadian Chess Chat 1966.07 Vol.20, No.7, p.148-9; FIDE Representative's Report by John Prentice, Canadian Chess Chat 1966.09 Vol.20, No.9, p.216-7; Profile of a Prodigy, 2nd ed., by Frank Brady, 1972; Governor General of Canada.

Contributor: Vladimir Dobrich (photo).

Razvan Preotu

Kalev Pugi


Kalev Pugi

Photo: Chess Federation of Canada Photo Archives.

Players who have received an award from the Kalev Pugi Fund in recent years:








Alar Puhm

Arthur Puller


Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Vinod (Vinny) Puri

Vinny Puri

Photo: 2004 Todd Southam Memorial, Bayview Games Club, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer David Cohen.

Here is Vinny Puri's choice for one of his best games:

Vinny Puri - Dale Haessel
1985-6 Canadian Junior Championship, Toronto, Ontario, Round 10, 1986.01

Frank Pushkedra