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What is happening in Toronto and our timetable

Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open Chess Championship 2011

This event will be held July 9-17 at the Westin Harbour Castle, a four star hotel situated in Toronto’s upscale Harbourfront community. Our Title Sponsor is the Pinnacle Group of Companies, which offers a comprehensive array of services designed to get technologically advanced companies the money they need to grow. The Organizing Committee is seeking a limited number of Supporting Sponsors; and advertisers for our Souvenir Program Book.

Competitors are not eliminated; all play nine games, at the rate of one game/day. The event itself is expected to attract 300 tournament players, plus coaches, officials and spectators. Added events attracting additional participants include the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame lecture; Chess Institute of Canada children's day camp; Chess Federation of Canada Annual General Meeting; an arbiter seminar; Grandmaster simultaneous exhibitions; a Grandmaster simultaneous blindfold exhibition; blitz, double chess and Chess 960 tournaments; displays on chess; and the Closing Dinner and Awards Ceremony.


There will be a world-wide following via the on-line live webcasts of games. The expected demographic profile of participants, as well as on site and on-line spectators, is as follows:

Gender is more evenly split among the youngest daytime participants (through age 8).


Media coverage

Chess is particularly well-suited to be watched live and through re-plays on the internet. Games and reports go into hugely popular databases and web sites maintained and published by ChessBase in Germany and The Week in Chess in England. A major event such as the Olympiad draws 1 million unique viewers per day. On-line searches for 'PricewaterhouseCoopers Toronto' yielded better search results for the 2009 PwC Toronto Open Chess Championship, which they sponsored, than for their own office.
Mainstream media
Recent coverage of chess in Toronto includes Rogers Cable TV's reports on the 2009 PwC Toronto Open Chess Championship. Signage behind the top playing boards will ensure coverage in photos and videos. Weekly Saturday chess columns in the Canadian newspapers Toronto Star and Globe and Mail will publicize and report on the event.

Marketing Strategy

The objective of the marketing strategy is to maximize the number and strength of tournament participants, as well as the overall publicity associated with the event. This is to increase the awareness of organized chess competition within the community; to further increase participation levels at future events; and to prepare Toronto in its bid for future major events such as the World Chess Olympiad.

To help achieve these objectives, the following activities are planned:

Sponsor Entitlements

Sponsor Benefits

Recent sponsors of Canadian Chess include major Canadian firms in the fields of financial services, accounting, law, technology and telecommunications. Chess provides a new way to reach potential customers, especially in new markets such as ethnic communities and new Canadians.

This sponsorship opportunity will most likely appeal to companies that are in the consumer products or professional services businesses; or that are trying to reach our demographic in promoting your goods and services, or in recruiting staff.

2011 Visit to Canada by World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand

We confirmed that World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand of India is interested to visit Toronto. He is available for the following events: Sponsoring his visit will be of most interest to a firm wishing to reach target markets in the Indo-Canadian community; in India; and in countries where chess is popular.

Media coverage is expected to be extensive, both on the web and mainstream. Mr. Anand is famous and extremely popular in India, in the Indo-Canadian community, and in the chess world.

2012 Canadian Chess Championship

The Canadian Chess Championship is held annually. This prestigious event is restricted to master players from across Canada. The winner will go on to represent Canada in the cycle of competitions for the World Chess Championship.

We intend to host this event at a prominent Toronto location. The games will be webcast live across Canada and around the world.

2012 Canadian National & Women's Teams at the Chess Olympiad

The Chess Olympiad is a team competition for nations sanctioned by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). It was first held in 1927 at London, England and has been held every 2 years since 1950. Until the 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing, more countries competed in the Chess Olympiad than in any other sporting event. Since 2006, the normal turnout is 140 countries in the National competition, and 110 countries in the Women's event.

Five members of our National Team and five members of our Women's Team will travel to Istanbul, Turkey in 2012. Besides travel expenses, we also need to raise funds for their training and coaching.

Sponsorship will be of interest to firms wishing to sponsor a Canadian team in international competition. Team members can wear a common top with your corporate name and logo. In addition to the publicity within Canada, countries around the world will notice your sponsorship.

2016 World Chess Olympiad - Toronto bid

With over 140 nations taking part, this is an outstanding opportunity to advertise both Toronto and Canada to the world. The multicultural make-up of Toronto makes this city the perfect host.

We need to raise money to present the bid at the 2012 Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey. We also need financial commitments for the event itself.

As an intermediate step, we also aim to host the Commonwealth Chess Championship and the Pan-American Chess Championship. Various World Chess Championship are also available for bidding, such as the World Youth Chess Championships and the World Chess Championship itself.

This is an excellent opportunity to market Canadian products and services to countries around the world. The event will also be of interest to Canadian and global firms interested in reaching Canadian customers.

Chess in the schools

Chess is recognized by educators for its many benefits. First, math. skills are developed through improved visualization. Second, reading skills are improved because sorting out what is important in a chess position is the same as sorting out the contents of a multi-media web page. Third, logic for making decisions is improved through analysis, evaluation, judgment and planning: "If I do this, then my opponent will do that"; and "If I do this, then I'll be better off than if I do that." Fourth, life skills are learned: concentration; competition and co-operation; fair play, hard work, mentoring and maturity; and responsibility for words and actions.

Money is needed to bring chess to schools where it is not affordable. Chess Institute of Canada makes great efforts to bring its popular program to inner city schools in Toronto. Examples include pairing schools in more affluent neighbourhoods with schools in low-income neighbourhoods; programs initiated by donations from individuals and grants from foundations; and corporate sponsorships of continuing programs.