Canadian Chess - Sponsor Us - Benefits to sponsor

Written and copyright 2011 by David Cohen.
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Why you should sponsor us

1. Association with smart, ability to reach decision makers and leaders.

Chess is linked to intelligence and making smart choices, such as confirming the soundness of your firm's business strategies; and buying your firms products and services. Chess players are intellectuals in the community: decision makers and leaders. Your firm can reach these individuals to convince them that their organization should purchase your products and services.

2. Association with a popular, non-violent sport.

Chess is the perfect non-violent sport: the game represents war, yet it remains a game, completely without actual violence. This is very attractive in these days of concern over the sponsoring of violent contact sports.

Chess ranks second to soccer in its world-wide sports fan base. Chess is also one of the most participated in sporting and recreational activities in Canada.

3. Ability to reach children and their parents.

Most kids learn the game by Grade 3 (age 8). Parents are concerned with their kids' education. They direct them to a chess program, and stay involved as those kids who are the most interested enter chess competitions.

4. Ability to reach ethnic communities in Canada.

There are two main groups. First, ethnic groups where parents recognize the scholastic benefits of chess and direct their kids to chess (e.g., Russian, Jewish, Chinese, India). Second, Canadians who emigrated from cultures where chess is very popular (e.g., Russia, Eastern Europe, Cuba, England, Netherlands).

5. Ability to reach foreign markets in countries where chess is popular.

Countries where chess is very popular for playing, viewing on the internet, or following as a sports result (e.g., Russia, Eastern Europe, Cuba, England, Netherlands, India, China).