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George Danilov


Source: Bulletin 14, 1976.01-02, p.13.

Urmila Das

Alex Davies

Here are Alex Davies' choices for his best games:

Rob Jamieson - Alex Davies
Melbourne Chess Club Christmas Swiss, Melbourne, Australia, 1994.12.17

Alex Davies - Dragoljub Milicevic
British Columbia Championship, Vancouver, British Columbia, Round 4, 1999

Alex Davies - John (Jack) Yoos
British Columbia Championship, Vancouver, British Columbia, Round 6, 1999

A. Thomas Davison

(A.T. Davidson)

Angela Day

Lawrence Day

Lawrence Day

Photo: 1971 World Students' Team Championship, Shakmat chess magazine, Issue 18 (282) p.17, Latvia, 1971, photo by Aivars Gipslis.

My favourite Lawrence Day game:

Fernando Braga - Lawrence Day
Olympiad, Dubai 1986

Lawrence Day's choice for his best game and the one that won him the most money:

Lawrence Day - Leonid Bass, World Open, Philadelphia, 1980 (*)

Lawrence Day's memorable games, from his Retrospective, 1999:

Lawrence Day - Duncan Suttles
Canadian Open, Scarborough, 1964, Round 2

Lodewijk Prins - Lawrence Day
Holland - Canada, Olympiad, Lugano, 1968

Pal Benko - Lawrence Day
USA - Canada, Olympiad, Lugano, 1968

Lawrence Day - Duncan Suttles
Canadian Championship, Pointe Claire, Quebec, 1969

Dirk van Geet - Lawrence Day
Beverwijk, 1970

Lawrence Day - Boris Spassky
Toronto, 1971

Bruce Amos - Lawrence Day
Canadian Championship, Toronto, 1972

Manfred Schoeneberg - Lawrence Day
East Germany - Canada, Olympiad, Skopje, 1972

Sources: Retrospective by Lawrence Day, 1999 (game selections); Bulletin 4, 1974.05-06, Chess Federation of Canada, p.6.

Contributors: Lawrence Day (photo, game selection), Erik Malmsten (photo).

Peter Warren Dease


Source: William R. Sampson, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1861-1870 Volume IX, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2000; In quest of the North West Passage by Leslie Neatby, 1958, p.93, 122-7.

M. Deering

Svitlana Demchenko

Claire Demers

Claire Demers

Photo: Bulletin, No. 7, 1974.11-12, cover.

Valer Eugen Demian

Valer Eugen Demian

Photo: Copyright 2006 Valer Eugen Demian.

Valer Eugen Demian's choice for his favourite game:

Irina Krush - Valer Eugen Demian
Simultaneous exhibition by Krush, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2006.06.10

Contributor: Valer Eugen Demian

Pierre Dénommée

Pierre Dénommée

Photo: Copyright 2010 Pierre Dénommée.

Here are Pierre Dénommée's choices for his most memorable games:

Pierre Dénommée - Paul Nataf

Alexandre Lesiège - Pierre Dénommée
Simultaneous exhibition by GM Lesiège, 2000.03.17

S.G. Dermott

John de Soyres


Source: 'Last of the Nineteenth Century Champions of Saint John' by Larry Fyffe, En Passant 144, 1997.06, p.30-2

André DeVriendt


Cornelia Dinca

Nathan Divinsky


Nathan Divinsky

Photo: copyright 2008 by Nathan Divinsky.

Owen Hindle - Nathan Divinsky
Olympiad, Havana, Cuba, Finals Round 5, 1966

Here is Nathan Divinsky's choice for his best game:

Fedor Bohatirchuk - Nathan Divinsky
Canadian Championship, Vancouver, British Columbia, Round 3, 1951

Sources: Warriors of the Mind by Nathan Divinsky and Raymond Keene, 1989; Kim Campbell: The Making of a Politician, by Robert Fife, 1993, HarperCollins, p.33-55; Mensa Canada Society.

Contributor (photo, biography, game selection): Nathan Divinsky.

Igor Divljan

Vladimir (Walter) Dobrich

Vladimir Dobrich

Photo: Copyright 2004 Vladimir Dobrich.

Contributor (photo): Vladimir Dobrich.

Raymond Doe

John Doknjas

John Doknjas

Photo: copyright 2011 Victoria Jung-Doknjas.

Contributor (photo, biography): Victoria Jung-Doknjas.

Joshua Doknjas

Joshua Doknjas

Photo: copyright 2010 Victoria Jung-Doknjas.

Contributor (photo, biography): Victoria Jung-Doknjas.

Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty

Photo: 2009 Labour Day Open, Toronto. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

Rudolph Draxl

Israel Dremen

(variation: Dreman)

Redpath Drummond

Redpath Drummond

Photo: 1935 Canadian Championship, Canadian Chess Championship Tournament 1935, 1935.

Serge Dubuc

Noel Duchesne

Thanh Nha Duong

Here is one of Thanh Nha Duong's favourite games:

Thanh Nha Duong - Jacob Murey
Quebec Open, Quebec 1987

Mark S. Dutton

Mark S. Dutton

Photo: copyright 2010 Mark S. Dutton.

Here is Mark Dutton's choice for his best game:

Boris Spassky - Mark Dutton
GM Spassky Simultaneous Exhibition, Pickering, Ontario, 1995

Contributor (photo, biography, game selection): Mark S. Dutton.