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John Hale

Philip (Phil) Haley


Phil Haley

Photo: Copyright 2004 Phil Haley.

Here is one of the first games played by a computer in a tournament:

Phil Haley - Dataline PDP-10 (MacHack 7)
Labour Day Open, Toronto, Ontario, Round 3, 1969.08.31

Here are three of Phil Haley's selections for his best games:

Phil Haley - Alexis Popov
U.S. Open, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1965

Phil Haley - Leo Williams
International Open, Toronto, Ontario, 1985

Phil Haley - Bryon Nickoloff
Canadian Open, Scarborough, Ontario, 1988, Round 1

Contributor: Phil Haley (photo, biography, game selection).

James Halkett


Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

W.S. Hallock

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Aman Hambleton

Aman Hambleton

Photo: 2009 Labour Day, Toronto. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

This game won a best game prize:

FM Aman Hambleton - GM Vladimir Malaniuk
47th Canadian Open Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 2010.07.11, Round 2

1. d4 f5 2. c4 Nf6 3. Nc3 d6 4. h4 e6 5. g3 c6 6. Nf3 d5 7. cxd5 exd5 8. Bh3 Bd6 9. Ne5 O-O 10. Bf4 Nh5 11. e3 Nxf4 12. exf4 Nd7 13. O-O Rf6 14. Qd3 Nf8 15. a3 a5 16. Rfd1 g6 17. Rac1 Ne6 18. Bg2 Rf8 19. Bf3 Be7 20. Qd2 Kg7 21. Re1 Bd6 22. Na4 h6 23. Bg2 Bc7 24. Nc5 Nxc5 25. dxc5 a4 26. Qd4 Qf6 27. Bf3 Kh7

Diagram Hambleton-Malaniuk 28. ?

28. Nxc6 bxc6 29. Qxf6 Rxf6 30. Re7+ Kh8 31. Rxc7 Re6 32. Rc3 Ba6 33. Re3 Rxe3 34. fxe3 Bb5 35. Rb7 Rd8 36. Rc7 Rb8 37. g4 fxg4 38. Bxg4 Bd3 39. Rc8+ Rxc8 40. Bxc8 Kg7 41. Bd7 Bb5 42. Kf2 Kf7 43. Ke1 Ke7 44. Bg4 Kf6 45. Kd2 g5 46. fxg5+ hxg5 47. h5 Kg7 48. Kc3 Kh6 49. b3 axb3 50. Kxb3 Bc4+ 51. Kc3 Bb5 52. Kb4 Bd3 53. a4 Kg7 54. Bd7 Be2 55. Bxc6 g4 56. Bxd5 Bf3 57. Be6 g3 58. Bh3 1-0

This game won a brilliancy prize:

FM Aman Hambleton - GM Josh Friedel
47th Canadian Open Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 2010.07.15, Round 6

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. Qc2 O-O 5. a3 Bxc3+ 6. Qxc3 d5 7. Bg5 h6 8. Bh4 c5 9. dxc5 g5 10. Bg3 Ne4 11. Qc2 Na6 12. O-O-O Naxc5 13. f3 Bd7 14. b3 dxc4 15. b4 Nb3+ 16. Kb1 Ned2+ 17. Ka2 Ba4 18. Be5 a5 19. h4 axb4 20. hxg5 Qd5

Diagram Hambleton-Friedel 21. ?

21. Qh7+ 1-0

Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton

Photo: 2004 Canadian Championship, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer David Cohen.

Here is Robert Hamilton's selection for an interesting game:

Alex Kuznecov - Robert Hamilton
1980-1 Canadian Junior Championship, Edmonton, Alberta

Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen

Photo: Copyright 2010 by Eric Hansen.

Bruce Harper

Bruce Harper

Photo: Chess Canada 1973.11.

Bruce Harper's choice for his favourite game of his own:

Bruce Harper - Duncan Suttles
Canadian Open, Ottawa, 1973

Bruce Harper's choice for his favourite game:

Istvan Bilek - Duncan Suttles
Venice, Italy, 1974

Contributor: Bruce Harper (game selection)

Brian Hartman

Brian Hartman

Photo: 2009 Toronto Open Championship. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

John Harvey

John Harvey

Photo: 1935 Canadian Championship, Canadian Chess Championship Tournament 1935, 1935.

Rob Hawkes

Rea Hayes

Rea Hayes

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Source (photo): Family of Frank Anderson.

Jean Hébert

Jean Hébert

Photo: Copyright 2004 Jean Hébert.

Here is Jean Hébert's choice for one of his best games:

Jean Hébert - Alexandre Lesiège
Pere Noel, Montreal, Quebec, 1994

Contributor (photo, game selection): Jean Hébert.

Lauri Heino

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Abraham Helman


Hermann Helms


Source: America's Chess Heritage by Walter Korn, 1978, McKay, p.120-1

John Henderson


John Henderson

Photo: Le Monde illustré, Vol.10, No.510, p.491, 1894.02.10 (Quebec National Library).

John Henderson - W. Braithwaite
Correspondence - Canada, 1873

Sources: Hamilton Spectator 1872.09.25; British Chess Magazine 1882, 1896 (obituary); Daily Globe, Toronto, 1877, 1878, 1879.

Contributors: J. Ken MacDonald (game selection), Erik Malmsten.

David Herder

Deen Hergott

Deen Hergott

Photo: En Passant, Vol. 26, No. 6, 1998.12, cover.

William Hicks


Source: J. Keith Jobling, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1891-1900 (Volume XII), University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2000

Andrew Ho

Walter Holowach


Walter Holowach

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Sources: Family of Frank Anderson (photo); obituary; Contented Knights 1949-50.

Edward Holt


A. Hood

Joe Horton

Joe Horton

Photo: Chess Canada 1973.07.

Henry Howe


Lefong Hua

Gregory Huber

Gregory Huber

Photo: 2004 Canadian Championship - playoff for FIDE Master title, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer Mark S. Dutton.

Contributor (photo): Mark S. Dutton.

Joseph Hunt


Robert Hunter