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Researched, compiled, written and copyright 2000-19 by David Cohen. Last updated: 2019.01.13.
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Iulia Lacau-Rodean

Iulia Lacau-Rodean

Photo: copyright 2012 by Iulia Lacau-Rodean.

François-Xavier Lambert


Herb Langer

Herb Langer

Photo: copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen.

Contributor (biography): Herb Langer.
Sources: Chess Canada Echecs No.59 (1983.03-04, p.62), No.60 (1983.05-06, p.20).

Cyril Large


Cyril Large

Photo: copyright 2008 by Cyril Large.

Sources: Bulletin 13, 1975.11-12 and Bulletin 16, 1976.05-06, Chess Federation of Canada; Lynn Stringer (conversations 2004.07, Chess Canada Échecs 2004.04 p.16); phone interview by David Cohen with Cyril Large, 2004.07.

Contributors (photo, biography): Cyril Large, Lynn Stringer.

Joel Lautier

David Lavin

David Lavin

Photo: 2009 Toronto Open Championship. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

Here is David Lavin's choice for his best game, as well as a memorable game from the 1970s featuring a 10 move combination starting with 13. e5; and another memorable game which was the only decisive game against Cuba, thereby helping Canada gain a place in the Finals:

David Lavin - Lawrence Day
Toronto Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 1978

David Lavin - Ian Findlay
Toronto Closed Championship, Reserves Section, Toronto, Ontario

David Lavin - Reynaldo Vera
World Youth Team Championship, Mexico City, Mexico, Canada - Cuba, Board 3, Preliminaries Round 3, 1978

Contributor (game selection): David Lavin.

Andrew Bonar Law


Eric Lawson

Eric Lawson

Photo: 2004 Canadian Championship, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer David Cohen.

Here is the last round game on Board 1 that clinched a tie for first place:

Eric Lawson - Kevin Spraggett
Canadian Championship, Toronto, Ontario, Round 9, 2004.08.29

Stephen Leacock


Stephen Leacock

Postage stamp: Canada, 1969, Scott catalog #504.

"All chess players think of opening on the Queen's side but never do. Life ends too soon."

"... said ... with a deep sigh. I knew he had been thinking of something that he daren't risk. All chess is one long regret."
- "Pawn to King's Four", short story froom Happy Stories, Just To Laugh At, by Stephen Leacock, 1943

Robert LeBel

Dudley LeDain


Dudley LeDain

Photo: 1935 Canadian Championship, Canadian Chess Championship Tournament 1935, 1935.

Dudley LeDain - H. Kittson
Canadian Championship, Hamilton, Ontario, Round 1, 1924

Sources: Montreal Gazette; Bulletin 29, 1978.07-08, Chess Federation of Canada, p.3; En Passant 100, 1990.02, p.19.

H.F. Lee

Jonah Lee

Vicente Lee Jr.

Manon Léger

Roger Lemelin


Roger Lemelin

Postage stamp: Canada, 2000, Scott catalog #1829c.

Alexandre Lesiège

Here is the game that won Alexandre Lesiège the match to decide the 2001 Canadian Championship:

Alexandre Lesiège - Kevin Spraggett
Canadian Championship match, Brantford, Ontario, Round 3, 2001.09.15

Here is one of Alexandre Lesiège's favourite games:

Alexandre Lesiège - Zdenko Kozul
Croatia Club International, Mississauga, Ontario, 1990

Zoltan Leskowsky

François Léveillé

George Levtchouk

Oleg Linskiy

Irwin Lipnowski

Adam Littke

Ron Livshits

Ron Livshits

Photo: copyright 2008 by Ron Livshits.

Contributor (photo): Ron Livshits.

Annabelle Lougheed Freedman


Sources: Cross-table, 8th Women's World Chess Championship, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1939, Guinness - Chess: The Records by Ken Whyld, 1986, p.23; Obituary, Toronto Globe & Mail, 1986.04.08.