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James Narraway


James Narraway

Photo: British Chess Magazine, 1897, p.299; Toronto Reference Library.

Stebbings - James E. Narraway
Saint John, New Brunswick, 1893

This game won a brilliancy prize:

D.J. McKinnon - James E. Narraway
Canadian Championship, Orillia, Ontario, 1897

Contributor: John Hilbert.

Leslie Neatby

Monroe (Monty) Newborn

Monty Newborn

Photo: Monty Newborn homepage, McGill University. Copyright 2010 by Monty Newborn.

A win in the following last round game would have given Ostrich a tie for first place in the 1st World Computer Championship. Unfortunately, the program missed the winning move, 35. Rxh6+, as finding it required a search depth of 19-ply, which was beyond its capabilities. It also missed another winning move, 39. Bf5, which required an 11-ply search.

Ostrich - Kaissa
World Computer Championship, Stockholm, Sweden, Round 4, 1974.08.08

Monty Newborn chose this game, played against the World Champion and defending North American Champion, as the best game of Ostrich's career:

Belle - Ostrich
ACM North American Computer Championship, Dallas, TX, USA, Round 1, 1982.10.24

A last hurrah for the bird, as it crushed the future Deep Blue program:

Chiptest - Ostrich
ACM North American Computer Championship, Dallas, TX, USA, Round 2, 1986.11.03

Source: Kasparov versus Deep Blue (computer chess comes of age) by Monty Newborn, 1997.

Contributor: Monty Newborn (photo).

Bryon Nickoloff


Bryon Nickoloff

Photo: Canadian Junior Championship, Toronto, 1974.05. Chess Canada 1974.06.

Here is one of Bryon Nickoloff's favourite games:

Bryon Nickoloff - Krunoslav Hulak
New York, NY, USA 1989

Nikolay Noritsyn

Nikolay Noritsyn

Photo: copyright 2008 by Nikolay Noritsyn.

Contributor (photo): Nikolay Noritsyn.

H. Northcote

Peter Nurmi

Peter Nurmi

Photo: Chess Canada 1973.05.