Canadian Chess Biographies

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George Raletich

Robert Ramsey


Joseph Rauch

Deering Rennie

Maria Rennie

Howard Ridout


Howard Ridout

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Source (photo): family of Frank Anderson.

Nenad Ristovic

Henry Robertson

G.A. Robinson

R.F. (Ron) Rodgers


Michael Rohland

Harry Rombach

Céline Roos

Céline Roos

Photo: En Passant, No. 71, 1985.02, cover.

Here is Céline Roos' choice for a memorable game, played in her best event of the 1990s:

Josef Horvath - Céline Roos
Open, Bischwiller, France, 1997

Herbert Rose


Here is Rose's draw with future World Champion Capablanca:

Jose R. Capablanca - Herbert J. Rose
Columbia University (USA) - Oxford University (England), Anglo-American Universities Cable Match, 1907.03.23, Board 1

Contributors: Domenico Accorinti, Alan McGowan. Sources: Toronto Globe and Mail, 1905.05.11; A Century of British Chess by Philip W. Sergeant, London, Hutchinson & Co., 1934, p.352-3; Cabbage Heads and Chess Kings by Bruce Hayden, London, Arco, 1960, p.7 (foreward by Harry Golombek), p.155-8; British Chess Magazine, 1961, p.254; The Unknown Capablanca by David Hooper and Dale Brandreth, Batsford, 1975, p.101, Game 104, referencing American Chess Bulletin, 1907, p.95; Edward Winter's chess history web site, quoting 'What Happened to Rose?' by Bruce Hayden, Chess Review, 1955.01, p.27, and the reply by Leonard Barden, Chess Review, 1955.05, p.129.

Cecil Rosner

Cecil Rosner

Photo: 1971 Canadian Junior Championship, Toronto, 1970.12. Chess Canada 1971.01.

David (Dave) Ross

Paul Ross

Thomas Roussel-Roozmon

Thomas Roussel-Roozmon

Photo: Olympiad, 2010. Copyright 2010 Thomas Roussel-Roozmon.

Contributor (photo, biography): Thomas Roussel-Roozmon.

William Rover

Henry Roy


Henry Roy

Photo: Year Book 1946-47: Chess Federation of Canada.

Myriam Roy

Gary Ruben

Contributor: Gary Ruben (biography)

Abraham Rubinoff

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Adrian Russell

Adrian Russell

Photo: 1951 Canadian Championship, Vancouver.

Source (photo): family of Frank Anderson.

Isaac Ryall