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Charles-Ephrem Saint-Maurice

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Bator Sambuev

Bator Sambuev

Photo: 2008 Hart House, Toronto. Copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen.

Artem Samsonkin

(pronounced Artiom)

Artem Samsonkin

Photo: copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen.

Edward Sanderson

Roman Sapozhnikov

Roman Sapozhnikov

Photo: 2008 Hart House, Toronto. Copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen.

Zoltan Sarosy


Zoltan Sarosy

Photo: 1952 Toronto Championship.

Game with Zoltan Sarosy's favourite move:

Leon Kempen - Zoltan Sarosy
Pacific Area Team Tournament 4, Australia - Canada, Board 3, Correspondence, ICCF, 1999

Contributors: J. Ken MacDonald; family of Frank Anderson, John Donaldson, Zoltan Sarosy (photo).

Jeff Sarwer

Julia Sarwer

James Sawyer

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Joseph Sawyer


Jonathan Schaeffer

Jonathan Schaeffer

Photo: Chess Canada 1974.06.

Source: University of Alberta.

Michael Schleifer


Michael Schleifer

Photo: Dutton Chess Club, Toronto. Copyright Mark S. Dutton, 2000.

John Schleinich


Ludolph Schull


Mark Schulman

Semianiuk, Konstantin

Paul Selick

Paul Selick

Photo: Chess Canada 1972.07-08.

Here is Paul Selick's choice for his best published game:

Bruce Amos - Paul Selick
Canadian Championship, Toronto, Ontario, Round 7, 1972

Contributor: Paul Selick (biography, game selection)

Harold Seymour


Joseph Shaw


Robert Short


Ross Siemms

Ross Siemms

Photo: 1952 Toronto Championship.

Source (photo): family of Frank Anderson.

Sandor (Alex) Siklos


Here is a victory by Alex Siklos in the World Correspondence Championship over the reigning World Champion:

Yakov Estrin - Alex Siklos
8th World Correspondence Championship Finals, Correspondence, 1975-1981

Contributor: J. Ken MacDonald (game selection)

Malcolm Sim


Malcolm Sim

Photo: 1951 Ontario Championship. Thanks to family of Frank Anderson, John Donaldson.

Sources: Toronto Telegram; En Passant 100, 1990.02, p.19.

Paul Simon

Paul Simon

Photo: copyright 2005 by Paul Simon.

Contributor (biography, photo): Paul Simon.

Hazel Smith

Hazel Smith

Photo: copyright 2005 by Duncan Smith.

Contributor (photo, biography): Duncan Smith.

Magnus Smith

(Magnus Magnusson)

Magnus Smith

Photo: From a group photo on the occasion of a visit by Geza Maroczy, Winnipeg, 1906. Anna Currie and R.W. Cooper, Bulletin 25, 1977.11-12, Chess Federation of Canada.

Source: 'In from the Cold: The Life and Chess of Magnus Smith' by Myron Samsin, Skittles Room,, 2008.03.12, copyright 2008 by CyberCafes, LLC.

Contributor: Stephen Wright.

Stephen Francis Smith


Defeated Women's World Champion Vera Menchik:

Stephen F. Smith - Vera Menchik
Hastings 1927-8, Hastings, England, 1927

Source: Stephen Wright, BCCF Bulletin 105, 2006.10.05

Josef Smolij

Sources: Montreal Gazette, 1978.1.28 Sat.,p.12-13; Toronto Star, 1982.10.10 Sun.,p.A3; 1983.11.14 Mon.,p.B11; 1984.05.12 Sat.,p.A4; 1985.03.13 Wed.,p.A6; 1985.09.14 Sat.,p.A6.
'Chess 4.7 versus David Levy - The Computer Beats a Chess Master', by J.R. Douglas, BYTE, 1978.12, p.84-90.
Frances Sendbuehler, Master's thesis, University of Montreal, 1995

Song, Michael

Todd Southam


Todd Southam

Photo: copyright 2004 by the photographer Peter Southam.

Tyler Johnson - Todd Southam
Canadian Cadet Championship, Calgary, Alberta, 1983.03

Bryon Nickoloff - Todd Southam
Toronto Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 1985

Gary Basanta - Todd Southam
Canadian Junior Championship playoff, Round 2, 1988.01

Todd Southam - Paul Motwani
Luxembourg, Round 3, 1990

Todd Southam - Jacques Cote
International Open, North Bay, Ontario, 1996

Paul Spinath

Grant Spraggett

Kevin Spraggett

Kevin Spraggett

Photo: Anthony Boron, photographer. Copyright 2003 Kevin Spraggett.

Here are three of Kevin Spraggett's favourite games:

Akiba Rubinstein - Esteban Canal
Rogatska Slatina, Slovenia, 1929

Mikhail Tal - Efim Geller
URS Ch, Riga, Latvia, 1958

Mikhail Tal - Hans-Joachim Hecht
Olympiad, Varna, Bulgaria 1962

Contributors: Kevin Spraggett (photo, game selection), Anthony Boron (photo).

Nava (Shterenberg) Starr

Nava Starr

Photo: Copyright 2001 by the photographer Mark S. Dutton, Dutton Chess.

Here is Nava's most memorable game:

Pia Cramling - Nava Shterenberg
Women's Olympiad, Sweden - Canada, Board 1, Lucerne, Switzerland, Round 14, 1982

Contributors: Mark S. Dutton (photo), Nava Starr (biography, game selection), Sasha Starr.

Christian Stevens

Christian Stevens

Photo: 2009 Toronto Open Championship. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen.

Drew Stoll


Raymond Stone

Lynn Stringer

Lynn Stringer

Photo: Copyright 2004 Lynn Stringer.

Here is Lynn Stringer's choice for her most memorable game, the only game her opponent lost while winning the event:

Lynn Stringer - Bob van Zweeden
Comox Valley Open, Courtenay, British Columbia, Round 2, 1982.02.06

Source: B.C. Chess Reports 2/1.

Contributors: Lynn Stringer (photo, game selection), Stephen Wright.

Charles F. Stubbs


Duncan Suttles

Duncan Suttles

Photo: 1969 Canadian Championship Playoff Match, Hart House, Toronto. Chess Canada 1970.04.

Here are 12 of Duncan Suttles' most memorable games, selected by him in 1972-73 in Chess Canada:

Gyozo Forintos - Duncan Suttles
Olympiad, Tel Aviv, Israel, Final Round 10, 1964

Luis M.O. Bronstein - Duncan Suttles
World Junior Championship, Barcelona, Spain, Preliminary, 1965

Duncan Suttles - William Addison
U.S. Championship, New York, 1965.12

Lothar Zinn - Duncan Suttles
Olympiad, Havana, Cuba, Preliminary Round 3, 1966

Milan Matulovic - Duncan Suttles
Interzonal, Sousse, Tunisia, Round 4, 1967

Duncan Suttles - Viktor Kortchnoi
Interzonal, Sousse, Tunisia, Round 13, 1967

Duncan Suttles - Aivars Gipslis
Interzonal, Sousse, Tunisia, Round 15, 1967

Bent Larsen - Duncan Suttles
Interzonal, Sousse, Tunisia, Round 20, 1967

Duncan Suttles - Wolfgang Pietzsch
Canada - East Germany, Olympiad, Lugano, Final Round 7, 1968

Duncan Suttles - Bent Larsen
Olympiad, Lugano, Final Round 8, 1968

Duncan Suttles - Lev Polugaevsky
Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Round 5, 1969

Zvonko Vranesic - Duncan Suttles
Canadian Championship playoff, Round 4, 1969

Lawrence Day's memorable games, from his Retrospective, 1999, include several by Suttles:

Bent Larsen - Duncan Suttles, Interzonal, Sousse, Tunisia, Round 20, 1967
Duncan Suttles - Wolfgang Pietzsch, Canada - East Germany, Olympiad, Lugano, Final Round 7, 1968

Pal Benko - Duncan Suttles
US Open, Boston, 1964

Lawrence Day - Duncan Suttles
Canadian Open, Scarborough, 1964, Round 2

Lawrence Day - Duncan Suttles
Canadian Championship, Pointe Claire, Quebec, 1969

Larry Evans - Duncan Suttles
San Antonio, 1972

Bruce Harper's favourite game is one by Suttles:

Istvan Bilek - Duncan Suttles
Venice, Italy, 1974

Here is a game from the tournament that earned Duncan Suttles his Correspondence Grandmaster title:

Duncan Suttles - Matyas Berta
Heilimo Memorial, Correspondence, 1982

Sources: Articles by Duncan Suttles, Chess Canada, November, December 1972; January, February, March, May 1973 (game selection); Retrospective by Lawrence Day, 1999 (game selection); CHECK! edited by J. Ken MacDonald (game selection).

Contributors: Bruce Harper (game selection), Vladimir Dobrich (photo).

Alina Sviridovitch

Alina Sviridovitch

Photo: 2002 Malcolm Sim Memorial, Dutton Chess Club, Toronto. Copyright 2002 by the photographer Mark S. Dutton.

David Swales

David Swales

Photo: 1935 Canadian Championship, Canadian Chess Championship Tournament 1935, 1935.

Contributor: Catherine Swales Ali