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Yaaqov Vaingorten

Yaaqov Vaingorten

Photo: Dutton Chess Club, Toronto, 2002. Copyright 2002 by the photographer David Cohen.

Povilas (Paul) Vaitonis


Povilas (Paul) Vaitonis

Photo: 1951 Canadian Chess Champion.

Sources: Family of Povilas Vaitonis (photo); Szachy od A do Z by Wladyslaw Litmanowicz and Jerzy Gizycki, Wydawnictwo Sport i Turystyka, Warszawa, 1986, 1987 referenced on Wikipedia (biography). Contributors (biography): Denis Allan, Valentinas Normantas, Eduardas Rozentalis, Vaitonis family.

Henry Vercoe


Frank Veszely

Vahagn Voskanyan

Vahagn Voskanyan

Photo: 2004 Canadian Championship, Toronto. Copyright 2004 by the photographer David Cohen.

Zvonko Vranesic

Zvonko Vranesic

Photo: 1969 Canadian Championship Playoff Match, Hart House, Toronto. Chess Canada 1970.04.

Sources: 100 Years of Chess in Canada by D. Abraham Yanofsky, 1967; Bulletin 9, 1975.03-04, Chess Federation of Canada, p.11; chess column by Lawrence Day, Toronto Star, 2008.05.03 and 2010.05.01; Zvonko Vranesic's home page, University of Toronto; McGraw-Hill; Archive, Chess Federation of Slovenia.

Contributors: Vladimir Dobrich (photo), Zvonko Vranesic (biography).

Smilja Vujosevic


Smilja Vujosevic

Photo: Bulletin, No. 7, 1974.11-12, cover.

Smilja Vujosevic's choice for her best game:

Smilja Vujosevic vs. Milunka Lazarevic
Canada vs. Yugoslavia, Women's Olympiad, Medellin, Columbia, Board 1, 1974

Two games which illustrate Smilja Vujosevic's style:

Milinka Merlini - Smilja Vujosevic
France - Canada, Women's Olympiad, Haifa, Israel, Board 1, 1976

Smilja Vujosevic - Nava Starr
Canadian Women's Championship, Scarborough, Ontario, 1989

Contributor: Smilja Vujosevic (biography, game selection)

Milan Vukadinov