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Robert Wachtel

Robert Wachtel

Photo: Chess Canada 1974.09-10.

Source: Masters of Backgammon web site.

Edward (Ted) Wainwright

Kelly Wang

Kelly Wang

Photo: copyright 2008 by Kelly Wang.

Contributor (photo): family of Kelly Wang.

Richard Wang

Richard Wang

Photo: copyright 2010 by Zhixiang Wang.

Yamei Wang

William Wetherald


"Wetherald's calm approach was demonstrated when, during the same period, a noisy camp meeting near his home was disturbing his pondering of a chess problem. A local youth who was particularly affected by the emotion of the moment burst in upon him exclaiming, 'Mr. Wetherald, rouse yourself! We are all going straight to perdition!' Wetherald answered with dry humour, 'Well, if that is the case we may as well go quietly.'"

Source (biography, quote): Kathleen M. S. Hertzberg, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1891-1900 Volume XII, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2000

John White


Kenneth Whitfield


Kurt Widmann

Leo Williams

Leo Williams

Photo: Chess Canada 1973.05.

Leo Williams - Claude Hudon
Blindfold Simultaneous Exhibition by Williams on 27 boards, Baie-Comeau, Quebec, 1986.11.15

Here is Leo Williams' selection for several of his better games:

Leo Williams - D. Anastasiadis
La Presse Internationale, Montreal, Quebec, 1973

Leo Williams - Julio Kaplan
World Open, New York, NY, USA, Round 9, 1974.07.07

Leo Williams - Duncan Suttles
International Open, Vancouver, British Columbia, Round 2, 1975.05

Leo Williams - Jean Hébert
Quebec, 1974

J. Noel Williams

Laird Wilson

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Stanley B. Wilson


Stanley Wilson

Photo: 1935 Canadian Championship, Canadian Chess Championship Tournament 1935, 1935.

Sources: CHECK!, Canadian Correspondence Chess Association; Edward P. Taylor Research Library and Archives, Art Gallery of Ontario; Artists in Canada database, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canadian Heritage Ministry, Government of Canada; Library, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal; The Collector's Dictionary of Canadian Artists at Auction by Anthony R. Westbridge, Westbridge Publications, 1999-, p.110

William N. Wilson


W.O. Wilson

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

William Winfrey


Ken Winterton


Ken Winterton

Photo: copyright 1998 Estate of Ken Winterton.

Contributors (photo, biography): family of Ken Winterton.
Sources: article by Ken Winterton, Canadian Chess Chat 1963.08 Vol.17, No.8, p.187; Chess Canada, 1975.01-02, Vol.6 No.1-2, p.32-7; Chess Canada Echecs No.60 (1983.05-06, p.20); En Passant No.78 (1986.04), 149, 150, 151; Ottawa Citizen 1998.02.27.

Laszlo (Leslie) Witt


Laszlo Witt

Photo: Chess Canada 1972.07-08.

John (Jack) Woodbury

Source: Chess Personalia by Jeremy Gaige.

Thomas Workman


Source: Gerald J. J. Tulchinsky, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1881-1890 (Volume XI), University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2000

Fred Wren


Siegfried Wreschner


John Wright

Contributor: Joe Deidun Jr.