Canadian Chess Links

Researched, compiled, written and copyright 2000-9 by David Cohen. Last updated: 2009.12.21.
Main web site & contact: Canadian Chess.




Chess Federation of Canada - national governing body and registered charity, publisher of Canadian Chess News

Canadian Correspondence Chess Association - national governing body, publisher of CHECK!

Chess'n Math Assocation - national scholastic non-profit organization, publisher of Scholar's Mate and Échec au roi

Chess Institute of Canada - promotes responsibility for words and actions through children's chess


Governing bodies

Alberta Chess Association
British Columbia Chess Federation
Manitoba Chess Association
Newfoundland and Labrador Chess Association
Nova Scotia Chess Assocation
Ontario Chess Association
Chess PEI
Fédération québécoise des échecs
Saskatchewan Chess Association


Nova Scotia Chess Hall of Fame


Greater Toronto Chess League - governing body


Barnes, Mark - British Columbia Chess Scene
Berry, Jonathan
Brodie, Hugh - database of Canadian Chess games
Cohen, David - Canadian Chess history, newsletter
Coakley, Jeff
Demian, Valer Eugen
Dutton, Mark - Dutton Chess
Graves, Charles - New Brunswick Chess
Kitces, Samuel - family
Kopec, Danny
Lavin, David - The Lavin Agency
Neven, Knut
Newborn, Monty
Pelts, Roman - Chess Academy of Canada
Spraggett, Kevin
Taylor, Jack - family
Wan, Corinna - Ontario Girls Chess Championship
Wright, Stephen - British Columbia Chess History
Ziegler, Richard


World Chess Federation - Fédération International des Échecs (FIDE) - world governing body

International Correspondence Chess Federation - world governing body
National Databases
The Week in Chess (TWIC)