Canadian Chess History Notes

Researched, compiled, written and copyright 2000-9 by David Cohen. Last updated: 2009.09.24.
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History Notes

ACM = Association for Computing Machinery
CCCA = Canadian Correspondence Chess Association
CFC = Chess Federation of Canada
CMA = Chess'n Math Association
CYCC = Canadian Youth Chess Championships
FICS = Free Internet Chess Server
FIDE = Fédération International des Échecs, the world governing body for the sport of chess.
ICCF = International Correspondence Chess Federation
WYCC = World Youth Chess Championships
Biographies are of Canadians who have contributed to chess; and anyone who has contributed to chess in Canada. Please note that not all players with FIDE titles are included; they are on the History - Titles page.

Medals refer to places (gold = first; silver = second; bronze = third). An actual medal may not have been awarded.

Information has been gathered mostly from secondary sources. The information is sometimes incomplete, but, overall, it is accurate. Sometimes there is conflicting information, so, on rare occasions, I have made my best guess.