Canadian Chess Topics

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Canadian Chess Topics

Calgary International 2008-12

Canadian Correspondence Chess Association

Canadian Open Championship, Ottawa 2007

Chess Federation of Canada

Chess Foundation of Canada

Chess'n Math Association

Edmonton International 2006-12

David Levy's bet

David Levy made a bet in 1968 that no computer program would beat him in a match within a decade. Over time, the bet grew in size to nearly $10,000, as new parties joined in. In 1977.04, International Master Levy beat Chess 4.6 1-0 in a two game match. At the end of 1977, Levy beat KAISSA 1-0 in a two game match at McGill University. In 1978.08.23, Levy beat MACHACK/CHEOPS 1-0 in a two game match at Cambridge, MA, USA. To settle the bet, Levy played a six game match against Chess 4.7 at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto from 1978.08.26-09.04.

Game one was the first draw achieved by a computer program against an IM under tournament conditions (40 moves in 2 hours, followed by 20 moves per hour).

Levy recovered to win games two and three. Needing only a draw to win the bet, Levy took a chance with some risky play in game four. This was the first win achieved by a computer program against an IM under tournament conditions.

Game five was the final game of the match, and it won Levy the match 3.5-1.5 and the bet.

Famous Canadians

These famous Canadians have taken chess seriously at some time in their lives - some have even competed in tournaments.

Grand Manan

John van der Wiel - Igor Ivanov
Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Round 1, 1984.09

Grand Pacific Open 2007-13

Annual Open Swiss style tournament in Victoria, British Columbia.

Guelph Pro-Am International Open 2002-5

Inter-city matches


1973 Toronto 15, Montreal 9 at Montreal, sponsored by the Montreal Star

McGill University

MonRoi International Women’s Grand Prix Finale 2007

Montreal, Quebec firm MonRoi, which manufactures devices to electronically record chess games and webcast them, sponsored an International Women's Grand Prix. The finale was an 8 player round-robin held in Montreal, 2007.07.21-28, won by GM Pia Cramling with 5/7 (+3 =4).

Montreal 1979

Roger Lemelin beauty prizes

Boris Spassky - Mikhail Tal
Terre des Hommes, Montreal, Quebec, Round 10, 1979.04.24

Anatoly Karpov - Bent Larsen
Terre des Hommes, Montreal, Quebec, Round 12, 1979.04.27

Montreal International 2000-9

Round Robins with chances for Canadians to obtain FIDE title norms.

North Bay International Open 1994-9

Large Swiss-style multi-section tournaments, organized by Derrick Bessette and Ron Smith.

1st Pan-American Individual Championship 1974

Winnipeg hosted the 1st Pan-American Individual Championship in 1974. The 16 player round-robin was won by Walter Browne with 13.5/15. Top Canadian was Peter Biyiasas, =3rd with 11.


Here is the final round game which won Ribbit the ACM U.S. Championship with a perfect score:

Ribbit - Chess 4.0
ACM U.S. Computer Championship, San Diego, CA, USA, Round 4, 1974.11.12

Toronto International Open

Large Swiss-style multi-section tournaments, organized by David Lavin (1984-5); Alex Knox, Shivaharan Thurairasah, Ignac Vucko, Vojin Vujosevic (1997-8); Mark S. Dutton (2000 Toronto Summer International Open); Hal Bond for Chess Institute of Canada (2012).

University of Alberta

University of Toronto

University of Waterloo

Visiting masters

Alexander Alekhine


Alexander Alekhine - John Morrison
Toronto, Ontario, 1924

Henry Bird

Mikhail Botvinnik


Jose Capablanca


Marcel Duchamp


Sources: Toronto Star 1968.03.02 Sat. p.33 and 1968.03.06 Wed. p.41.

Machgielis (Max) Euwe


Larry M. Evans

Robert Fischer

Edward Formanek

Ed Formanek

Photo: Chess Canada 1972.04.

Valeria Gansvind

Kiril Georgiev

Arkady Gilman

Nicolai Jasnogrodsky


Anatoly Karpov

Gary Kasparov

Paul Keres


George Koltanowski

Ilias Kourkounakis

Martin Kreuzer

Here are two of Martin Kreuzers favourite games:

Martin Kreuzer - Robert Hamilton
Canadian Open, Edmundston, New Brunswick, Round 8, 1990.07

Werner Metz - Martin Kreuzer
Berthold von Massow Memorial-A, Correspondence, 1988-95

Bent Larsen

Bent Larsen

Photo: Chess Canada 1974.09-10.

Two of Larsen's choice for his best 50 games were against Canadians:

Bent Larsen - Lionel Joyner
1st World Junior Championship, Birmingham, England, 1951

Zvonko Vranesic - Bent Larsen
Interzonal, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Round 12, 1964

Source: Larsen's Selected Games of Chess 1948-69 by Bent Larsen, 1970

Edward Lasker


Emanuel Lasker


William Lombardy

William Lombardy

Photo: Internationale La Presse Open Tournament, Montreal, 1973. Chess Canada 1973.09.

Geza Maroczy


Tony Miles

Harry Pillsbury


Sophia Polgar

Kamel Skalli

(variation: Kamul)

Boris Spassky

Boris Spassky

Photo: 1971 Canadian Open Championship, Vancouver. Chess Canada 1971.09.

Wilhelm Steinitz


Wilhelm Steinitz - Frank Marshall
Simultaneous exhibition, Montreal, Quebec, 1893.11.13

Mikhail Tal


Robert G. Wade

Winnipeg 1967

Laszlo Szabo - D. Abraham Yanofsky
Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1967

World Blitz Championship 1988

World Championship 1894

Emanuel Lasker - Wilhelm Steinitz
World Championship, Montreal, Quebec, Round 19, 1894

World Championship bid 1972

Source: Profile of a Prodigy, 2nd ed., by Frank Brady, 1972

World Championship Candidates Matches 1971

Robert Fischer - Mark Taimanov
World Championship - Candidates Matches 1/4 Final, Vancouver, British Columbia, Round 6, 1971

World Championship Candidates Matches 1988

Andrei Sokolov - Kevin Spraggett
World Championship - Candidates Matches 1/8 Final, Saint John, New Brunswick, Round 12, 1988

World Championship Candidates Matches 1989

Kevin Spraggett - Artur Yusupov
World Championship - Candidates Matches 1/4 Final, Quebec, Quebec, Round 2, 1989

World Computer Championship 1977

World Computer Championship 1989

World Junior Championship 1957

Yanofsky Memorial 2003-10

Annual Open Swiss style tournament in memory of Grandmaster Abe Yanofsky, in his home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.